“Hands Off Women – HOW” An international network to struggle violence against women

Tomorrow, November 23th, will be presented (11 am, Foreign Press Center in Rome), the non-profit organization headed by Isabella Rauti. At the conference, moderated by Livia Azzariti and Morgan Witkin, also attended by the Chinese writer Xinran Eady, the Ambassador of Pakistan in Italy Tehmina Janjua and the President of United Nations Women Guild Habi Bamba 

Rome, November 22th, 2012 – A network of people and international associations to struggle a social disease like that of violence against women. It was created with this aim, the association Hands Off Women – HOW chaired by Isabella Rauti, which starts from the assumption that the violence can’t be considered like some individual and private act, but must be faced and hindered as a collective responsibility. With this idea, “HOW”, the acronym of the no profit organization, also becomes the “HOW” to solve, the “Network” of women, men and Associations, the “means” to bring out the hidden and to stem the flow.

Xinran Eady (Chinese writer and founder of The Mothers’ Bridge of Love), Tehmina Janjua (Pakistan Ambassador in Italy), Habi Bamba (President of United Nations Women Guild), Hajiya Amina Namadi Sambo (President of the Association I Care Women and Youth Initiative- Nigeria), Zeina Dacchache (President of Catharsis – Lebanese Center for Drama Therapy – Lebanon), and even Mara Carfagna (President of the Association “Diritti in Cammino”), Emanuela Moroli (President of the Association “Differenza Donna”), Souad Sbai (President of the Association Acmid), Simona Zanette, CEO of alfemminile.com, with which the Association has formed an important partnership, Michela Bonora (Psychotherapist, Gruppo Recupero Uomini Violenti Caritas Center of Bolzano) and Silvia Mari, winner of the literary prize of “Il Messaggero” with the tale “V come Viola”. These are just some of the many women who have already given their support to “How” and on November, 23th will sign the Charter of Intent, aimed at crossing the phenomenon of violence against women and girls in the world.

Hands off Women – HOW (NPO) is offered as a concrete assistance to the victims. On the day of presentation of the association will be held on the Announcement for six scholarships of € 2,000 each, offered by the Foundation “Mario Moderni” chaired by Massimiliano Monnanni, aimed at the implementation of measures of social communication about women’s human rights. Other initiatives will be aimed at aid-legislative guidance, work training courses and distance adoptions.

Good projects, good practices and actions supported in the network, will see “How” to become the trait d’union and the voice of a network of people able to establish needs and answers, supply and demand. The website (http://www.handsoffwomen-how.org), social networks, youtube and all the other modern communication channels, become so fundamental to a battle that aims to a social, occupational and political integration of women that have suffered violence by promoting and spreading the political and social culture of the positive value of gender diversity.

“How” begins to take its first steps on the basis of consolidated experiences in the field by promoting and draw the tomorrow. Among the first initiatives, the support for the petition for the “Nobel Prize for Peace in Malala”: the fifteen years old Pakistani seriously wounded in the head, the last October, 9th while she was going to school on the road between Khurshal and the Swat Valley, for defending right to education.

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