The Association works for greater accountability and a fruitful involvement of the younger generation on the issue of violence against women in the world.
The Association promotes the talents and meritocracy of girls and boys, including through training, who engage effectively in international scenarios by intervening on the phenomenon of violence against women.
It supports the full integration of social, labor and politics of women who have suffered violence by promoting and spreading the political and social culture of the positive value of gender diversity.
The Association strives to support and promote the rights of parents and families who are in support of girls who have suffered violence, by supporting and supporting all activities devoted to the contrast of each cause of marginalization, impoverishment and social exclusion and promoting schooling.
The Association supports and promotes initiatives to strengthen the role of women and their specific individuality especially in the areas where it infringes the principle of equal opportunities and where the number of physical and psychological violence is characterized as a system of relations.
It supports and promotes initiatives and actions to recover social and psychological author of violence.
It supports and promotes legislative initiatives to rank nationally and internationally aimed at prevention and control of violence and the protection and the social and psychological recovery of the woman victim of violence.
The Association provides assistance and protection, with direct and indirect actions, to women victims of violence, working with all forms of aid and rescue in Italy and abroad, particularly for women living in difficult circumstances or emergency, promoting and providing support for educational support, social and social health.