Hands Off Women (HOW) is a socially useful Non-for-Profit Organization.
A nonprofit-making organization aimed at promoting and protecting women’s and young girls’ human and civil rights.
The Organization works to eliminate all forms of violence and coercion against women – physical, sexual, mental – which limit the infringeable rights of the human being and the freedom of expression.
The Organization’s intention is to include under the definition of violence all forms of discrimination and disparity owing to sexual gender, age, social condition, disability, ethnic origin, philosophical or religious belief, sexual orientation.
The Organization is engaged in the field of international co-operation, with the main goal of creating an international network connecting established organizations, institutionalized bodies and even associations born from private and/or spontaneous initiatives, sharing a common goal to fight against the universal phenomenon of violence against women.

In particular, the Organization pursues the following objectives:

  • to guarantee and implement a national network connecting local areas with the assistance and reception centres, promoting integration within them and making their services available to the international network as well;
  • to promote and implement an international network connecting established organizations, institutionalized bodies and even associations born from private and/or spontaneous initiatives, promoting integration and a spirit of collaboration and solidarity within them;
  • to ensure the development of all forms of professionalism involved in fighting violence with the specific intention of spreading the culture of human rights, particularly women’s rights;
  • to set a structured collection of data and information on the universal phenomenon of violence against women, to understand it better, follow its evolution and limit its diffusion;
  • to implement reception centres for women victims of violence from all over the world, specialized in providing the necessary material and psychological assistance and support;
  • to promote an international network of solidarity to identify the cases of  violence all over the world and then to intervene and rescue the victims;
  • to promote an information network where good practices can be accessed, referred to and applied at an international level.

The Organization Hands Off Women (HOW) implements any activity that may be useful in achieving its institutional intents. In particular:

  • any action in Italy, as well as abroad, necessary to accomplish the intended purposes;
  • by supporting the collection of contributions for the associative activities by means of fund-raisings, donations, legacies and any other means;
  • by establishing or participating in the establishment of, or contributing to, any organization, institution or charitable trust sharing its same goals;
  • by bringing together internationally established organizations, institutionalized bodies and associations born from private and/or spontaneous initiatives aimed at  protecting women against the multiple forms of violence existing;
  • by promoting and organizing awareness campaigns aimed at raising funds to be devoted to the institutional aims, with particular attention to the international environment;
  • by negotiating, entering and implementing any type of agreement with associations, institutions, physical or legal persons, in order to pursue, or contribute, to the realization of its aims, even from foreign countries, by underwriting contracts, draft agreements and letters of intent;
  • by creating and using an internet domain to facilitate the coordination and the connection among the international organizations which the share similar goals;
  • by publishing, writing, printing, issuing and disclosing any document, magazine, book, journal, broadcast, audio-video, poster, multimedia product, and by using any other means to distribute information according to its aims;
  • by arranging courses, seminars, meetings and conventions, and producing informational and educational material to provide caretakers, community, welfare, and health, workers with specific training directly connected with, and instrumental to, its institutional intents.