Press releases – Colombia’s President Santos enacts tougher law on acid attacks


Natalia Ponce de Leon showed her face for the first time at the signing, after undergoing at least 20 operations

Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos has signed a law that imposes tougher sentences on the perpetrators of acid attacks.
Anyone convicted of such crimes will now serve between 12 and 50 years in jail.
Acid attacks have become a major concern in Colombia over the past decade.
About 100 people – most of them women – are estimated to be targeted every year.
The attackers can be male or female, ranging from disgruntled neighbours to jealous partners.
The law had been approved by the Senate in November.
The enacting ceremony at the presidential palace in Bogota was attended by several victims of acid attacks. Continue Reading → – Second stage of ‘One Billion Rising’ is about justice – women’s groups


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