Violence directed against women is a pervasive and multifaceted phenomenon that strikes all of our societies. It is incumbent on each of us to respond to what, in the final analysis has shown itself to be one of the most insidious and widespread forms of human rights violation and discrimination.

Violence cannot be considered an individual and private matter but rather, has to be faced as a general responsibility; institutions, political and civil society must all work to prevent and contrast any kind of violence.… Read the rest

“Hands Off Women – HOW” An international network to struggle violence against women

Tomorrow, November 23th, will be presented (11 am, Foreign Press Center in Rome), the non-profit organization headed by Isabella Rauti. At the conference, moderated by Livia Azzariti and Morgan Witkin, also attended by the Chinese writer Xinran Eady, the Ambassador of Pakistan in Italy Tehmina Janjua and the President of United Nations Women Guild Habi Bamba 
Rome, November 22th, 2012 – A network of people and international associations to struggle a social disease like that of violence against women.… Read the rest

Vanguardia – Bajo otra piel

Josep Sandoval
Marie Claire’ denuncia con cambios de identidad los delitos de género Personajes populares cuentan sus vivencias personales para acercar y denunciar el delicado problema
Barcelona Seis hombres populares han cambiado de identidad para Marie Claire y se han puesto en la piel de otras tantas mujeres para denunciar los delitos de género.… Read the rest